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Chapel Orahamm’s mission is to provide exceptional editing services that encourage the author’s inner voice to shine.

About Us

Our Beliefs

Authors, biographers, educators, screenwriters, webcomic artists, storyboarders, Youtube content creators. The world is full of writers looking to have their voices heard and their stories told.

At Chapel Orahamm, the written voice is the rock star. Going from garage band to main stage sometimes needs a bit of polish. Thornton Gibson, owner and editor for Chapel Orahamm, is here to add that polish and help make your writing main stage ready.


Copy Editing

When micro-detail is of utmost importance and you need your sentences to all reflect your writing style, a copy edit will take your script to the next level.

Substantive Editing

When macro-detail needs to be addressed and you need to round out your characters, your world building, or your overarching academic theme, a substantive edit will smooth out plot holes and glaring inconsistencies.

Packet Reviews

When the next step in your writing career is to find a literary agent and you are querying, having your packet of information edited before sending out will show how much you care about the writing craft.


What People Say

“Chapel has a way of seeing what’s bugging you in the back of your head but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Once, they point it out, it all clicks and you find yourself always looking for those things in future writing. Chapel’s editing doesn’t just help your current project, but every work thereafter.”

A.R.K. Horton

“I am so pleased with the edits Chapel provided. I knew we had a good story but Chapel took it to the next level and helped make it a great story.”

C.D. Storiz


Recent Writings


My name is K.A. Thornton-Gibson.

Chapel Orahamm started out as my pen name before becoming my company name.

During the Middle and Dark Ages, a chapel within a castle was one of the safest locations in Europe to keep precious books, not only religious texts.

Part of the other origin for the pen name, now company name, comes from a shop steward title in the UK publishing unions: Father of the Chapel, Mother of the Chapel, and Clerk of the Chapel.

Orahamm means ‘by the riverbank’ and is a play on my first name, which translates to ‘Pure River’.

Raised by a traditional publishing editor, I developed a deep respect for the editing process. I found the mechanics of sentence structure fascinating. This was of great benefit during my school years.

I set out to be an academic researcher when attending college. This training fueled my passion for fine details and overarching themes. I returned to my editing roots, post-college, when I was invited to join a collaborative anthology group in writing short stories. Within the collaboration, we were asked to edit other works in the anthology and I found my calling. One anthology led to the next and I happily buried myself in editing. Bringing out the author’s style and voice excited me.

Your writing voice deserves to shine and I am here to help make that happen.

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