News Letter: January 2023

This is turning into a hot mess.

I had a separate blog running called A Raven in a Waistcoat while I tried to figure out if I was going to continue my Line & Substance Editing business. That blog was where I decided to post my books. Quite honestly, I hate formatting for paperback and ebook publishing. I find it downright stressful and highly unpleasant. It takes the fun out of just writing for me.

Well, with the crazy billionaire hissy fit that made me jump ship from the social media platform I liked using, I had to come to some realizations.

  1. I was going along with peer pressure and making physical copies and ebook copies of my books because that was what I was being encouraged towards by well-meaning people.
  2. This did not, in fact, help me out. I just couldn’t sell them. Couldn’t even really get beta readers to read them; let’s be real here, I’m bad at marketing, and it is not a skill I have the time to devote to developing.
  3. I miss having friends, but I don’t miss social media anxiety.
  4. Which now means that I am reading so much more and returning back to my writing.

I would still love to professionally edit, but I’ve determined that I would feel much better working for a proper editing team in a publishing house where I know the script I’ve touched will go through another set of hands – a proofreader to be exact – because what I do is not an all-encompassing thing. I develop and line edit. I say, “no, you cannot have a red dragon; you already said it was purple three chapters ago; either fix that or this one.” The other skill I provide is looking at paragraph and sentence patterns and saying, “You’ve used was 144 times in five pages; let’s reduce that down to 30 instances of was and bring it out of passive voice, yes?” Those are things I enjoy doing.

However, with the failure of my business because of the social media thing, I don’t know how to obtain good clients that understand that I am not the end-all-be-all in getting their manuscript clean. This meant that those who would use my service may not have it ‘as polished’ as it could possibly be because they may not hire a proofreader to catch the spelling/grammar issues that I was not hired to address. That would reflect badly on their work and my work. This left me stressed out because I am the version of a perfectionist who understands their weakness but wants to make sure the client has the best possible product I can provide.

I decided, seeing as I was paying for the subscription on this website but no longer promoting my editing business, that I would use the website and domain to put my books up in the way I wrote them and intended for them to be read – in episodic instalments.

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but here you are.

So, the announcement for this month is that I’m trying to catch my publishing up to what it had been on the old website. I think 27 chapters on Subject 15, and 23 chapters of Polaris Skies are the two main ones I’m still working on uploading. Everything else is caught up. I did start releasing Subgalaxia this month too, so there is that one that will actually be on a release schedule.

If you’re new to my writing: Fyskar, Subject 15, Polaris Skies, and Subgalaxia are books 1-4 of Legend of the Bai; however, books 1-3 can be read in any order. I do have an ebook of Fyskar available for purchase on Kindle. It has some 100+ illustrations in it, so it is a large file, and that’s why it’s $8+. Sorry about that; nothing I can do about that cost because Amazon forces my hand. Anyways, I’m putting the text on here because beta readers and feedback and people just don’t seem to get my writing, but some do enjoy it.

Grant it, I am neurodivergent, and the people I have most often gotten positive responses from are also neurodivergent – so there is that heads up. The other people who have had positive responses are ones who watch a lot of anime. Quite a lot of my story formats are based in those themes.

What can you look forward to this month?

Well, large batch publishing on Polaris Skies, Fyskar, and Subject 15 as I try to catch it up to what I had already published.

I am actively working on chapters for Firefly Fish and had a recent breakthrough for a couple chapters on The Feather on My Scale. I’m still lost on where I want to take Skull Dansuer. If you’re enjoying Life of a Librarian, that one might take some time. I originally had 14 chapters written for it, but decided to re-write it, so the chapters that are live now are the rewrites, and I have to go back and take my time sorting through the adjustments.

I’ve been debating on doing audio-readings. There’s some function on this website to do “podcasts”, and I thought I could do readings of the stories so people can just listen to them. I’ve heard that was becoming a popular thing to do.

There is also a function on the website to set up a Stripe monthly subscription so that people could pay to read the stories, or I could do early posts on Patreon.

I mean, authors like to get paid. I want my stuff effectively free to read, because I feel guilty having people pay for my stuff if it is not grammatically perfect, and that is something they will never be unless I win some major money to actually hire some professionals. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like tips or trinkets or some kindle books thrown my way.

Thoughts? Thoughts on audiobook/podcasts? Thoughts on ways to make a bit of dough on the side to keep paying for the blog/domain fees?

I do love positive comments on my writing. All authors do. It helps us know we aren’t just throwing our words into the void meaninglessly. Ego stroking is appreciated if monetary showering isn’t in the cards.



Yeah, I don’t know what to write in newsletters. This is sort of a first attempt, so if you have suggestions of other things you would like to see in one of these so I can better prepare for February, I’d love to know.




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