Polaris Skies: Ch 27

Polaris Skies: Legend of the Bai Book 3 by Chapel Orahamm, Mobile home in snow with green glow against storm clouds

The sun had yet to bathe the horizon in its blanket of midnight blue and lavender. Snow plopped on the tin roof, creating a new patter to the sleet from the night before. Nat woke to being at the back, Sven forward in his wolfish form.

This is alright, brat?

What, Sven?


Nat shared in Sven’s appraisal of a pitch-black wolf laid out next to his own white fur. The wolf’s heart ticked away like a scared rabbit.

Are you afraid?

Sven kept quiet, his entire focus on the sleeping canine.

She has very pretty fur.

She is real, right? I’m not seeing things, brat?

It has been a lot of work getting here. Enjoy your time. Give me my body back when you can. Nat settled into the back, curled up against Tereza’s soul.

“Sylvi?” Sven broached, waking both the black and gold wolf.

Cashia slinked off the bed and padded out of the room after sniffing at Sylvi.

The black wolf stretched, blue almost white eyes finally opening. “It’s been a while, liten due[1].”

“Too long, min brud[2]. Too long. How are you feeling, your host?” Sven nuzzled against her.

“Hana is doing well with the transformation. She’s giving us time to be. It is nice to be whole. To float aimlessly detached between two bodies for so long has been exhausting.” Sylvi nipped at Sven’s scruff in play.

“It has been so long since I’ve seen you, held you.”

“Have they found how to let our human side out?” Sylvi rolled over to tease the white wolf.

“Not that I’ve found. Even my shape in my mind has started to blur between who I was and my host. I don’t know if I would ever be able to summon that side of me again,” Sven confided, heart sinking.

“Then, we learn to love our new bodies and learn their intricacies.” Sylvi yipped in an invitation for Sven to play with her.

Human side? Nat pried.

We’re Vulkodlak, Varulv? What do you humans call it? Sven supplied the image of a man and a wolf.


That. We are Glendwellers, immortal, but we have both our human and our wolf side. I guess we still do. Sylvi was glorious. I met her from a Norse noble family when we moved west from the plateaus. Talk to her. She would tell you about it all. Sven pushed Nat to the front.

“Human?” Sylvi sniffed at the wolf form.

“Sorry. Not trying to take over. I was asking Sven about the human thing, and he said you were Norse, and I should talk to you?” Nat took the shift and sat up in the bed.

Jeg er norsk. Hva ønsker du å vite[3]?” Sylvi’s bright blue eyes were spooky.

Feel like translating, Sven? She was speaking English there for a minute.

She’s messing with you, just talk to her normal.

Her eyes.

Beautiful, right?

In a fog-in-the-graveyard kinda way.

Sven laughed at that. Oh, she’ll love you for that.

In a Tereza kinda way?

No, in a Sylvi kinda way.

“You two are talking about me.” Sylvi pushed at Nat’s hand until he rubbed at her ears.

“A bit. Told him your eyes are kind of like fog in a graveyard. A bit spooky.”

The wolf chuffed at him and rolled over for him to pet her belly. “Did he tell you to say that? The charmer.”

“I’m a bit amazed he’s letting me be me for a minute and not just permanently throwing me out to be a wolf.” Nat found a spot along Sylvi’s ribs that made her scratch. “He’s been worried about you ever since he got mixed into my DNA. Feels out of pattern for him.”

“Now that I’m here, he’s calmed down?” Sylvi rolled over and jumped off the bed, shaking out her fur.

“Feels like. He said you were glorious. His words. From when you were a Norse noble?” Nat returned to why Sven had put him into his human form.

“I met him in the Wōdnesfeld battle. He had an arrow through his ribs, and I couldn’t just leave him bleeding out there. Took down…oh, how many was it now? It’s been a handful of centuries since then. Took another five months before we could have a civil conversation that didn’t end in his masculinity being brought into it. Regardless, he fell in love with a battle maiden, and I fell for an ice bunny.”

The sun blazed through the side window, casting soft gold across the dusty interior.

“You want your husband back?” Nat offered, tugging Sven forward.

You wanted me to be okay with Sylvi before using me, huh?

I…yes, I did. Your nightmares are getting worse, and it’s making me realize you need some space, and I just…

Thank you for your effort. Take over. Let me nap. Come get me when you’ve had your fill and then some. The group is probably going to move out again.

Thank you, brat.

Why do you call me that?

It means brother.

Go on with you. I’ll be here when you get back.

[1] Little dove

[2] My bride

[3] I’m Norwegian. What do you want to know?

Chapel Orahamm (C) 2022-2023. All Rights Reserved.

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