The Fire in My Blood: Ch 22


Lunam? You’ll be okay, won’t you?” Sanctus searched my eyes as he dragged me through a door behind Gemma’s throne into an antichamber. My base. My antichamber. Wiping out the whole of her council and her in one fell swoop was making me reel. “Lunam?” he tried to get me to answer.

I need Cortex or Tempestatis. Get you home. I’m sorry for not coming for you sooner. I’m sorry if I scared you. And calling you a coat rack. That was low. I’m sorry for yelling,” I gasped. My vision was going mutlicolored. I needed to get this fixed soon if I didn’t want to go on a spree.

Sanctus rolled up the sleeves of his coat while I talked. “What are you doing?” I asked, my tongue flicking against my fangs. I despised that animalistic side of my brain that fixated on skin as soft as cream. “Sanctus, not you.” I force myself to back up.

You’re about to go on a screaming indiscriminate rampage, and I’m not seeing anyone else available,” he bit out. His whole body vibrated as he tucked the roll of his sleeves. I watched splotches of heat run up and down his skin in waves.

No,” I protested, but my vision was failing, everything was washing into the dark abyss.

Why not?” He stalked close enough for me to feel his body heat from my shoulders to my knees.

Policy. I don’t eat off rescues.

Bull shit.

Because you smell like sage and rosemary.” Yep, I’d lost it. Like that was even a halfway decent protest. Felt completely justified to me though.

What does that have to do with anything?” he demanded.

He was right to ask. I was not making any sense, but my cravings were getting the better of me. I wanted so many things. Though my brain seemed stuck on the image of him burned behind my eyelids, the line of his neck, his shoulders, watching him swallow. Who in infernus turned on the music? Oh. That was my heartbeat in my ears.

Everything about my Repercussion has to deal with sating this craving. Hot copper, herbs and earth. I swallowed against my fangs. “Because I’ve wanted to taste your flavor since the moment I laid eyes on you.” My voice always slurred when my damn fangs come out.

He stilled at that admission. I forced my hands into my pockets, though everything inside of me was screaming that I should fit him to me and take everything I needed. To trace the dip in his back, listen to that hitch in his voice, make his legs shake and not from terror. I was obsessed, and it sure wasn’t healthy for a proper working relationship.

“Boss!” The door opened to reveal Cortex, or at least to me, the glowing nebula that was Cortex’s circulatory system. Relief snapped up my spine. I was rescued. Sanctus backed up a couple steps and the smell of sage dissipated enough for me to get a breath of air into my lungs. “Oh. Sanctus. Awesome. You got him? Tempestatis and I are clearing the floors with Vestitor and Clavis. Maria Mater said the rest of the crew is supposed to be here in the next ten to clean it out. Don’t go passing out on me, a’right?” Cortex left before I could get a word in edgewise. 

“Yeah, go leave me in the Garden of Gethsemane,” I hissed at the door.

We both stared as the latch clicked shut before turning back to each other. “You need to eat, boss,” Sanctus pressed once again. He lifted his wrist up to my mouth.

Please don’t call me that,” I begged, trying to keep myself in check. Everything was going haywire in my brain, and all I could do was have enough willpower to not touch him. My sight had evaporated into the blackness with one single sun standing between me and oblivion. I only knew now what I could touch, what I could taste, the heat of him in front of me.

You are my boss, boss. You took me into Caeruleum,” he sounded hurt.

I never claimed brother ties, Sanctus. I don’t want to be your boss.” I pressed the back of my hand to my mouth, fighting to keep myself presentable, keep the saliva from dripping. My stomach was cramping.

“I…what…I thought…? Do you not want me in Caeruleum? Am I being dismissed?” He swallowed back his confusion. I wanted to trace the column of his throat. Tears laced his tone, adding salt to his sage and rosemary.

Damn it, no. I want you in Caeruleum. You ever wonder why I didn’t come forward to brother tie with you?” I asked him. My thoughts were scattering and becoming more vulgar by the minute.

I’m confused.

I reached out to him, now completely blind to all but his golden glow. I could feel his heat at the edge of my fingertips. He stepped into my hand and the core of his star beat beneath my palm. Gripping the coat, I pulled him to me. I followed the edge of the buttons to his collar. “I made it a policy. I keep policies.”

Which policy, Lunam? You have many.” His voice slipped down my nerve endings. The world was too many sensations all at once.

No one touches your skin without your permission.

Come on, Lunam. We don’t have time for this. We need you back to normal. You need to eat, and I’m here.” He slid a hand up my arm to my fingers that were holding onto the coat. Sage and rosemary threatened to drown me. His power was like the rush of waves in the canal when the tap was opened wide.

I can’t. Not from you,” I whispered.

You will.” He pressed closer, trying once more to offer me his wrist. I couldn’t take it. A warning, gentle, but full of intention should get him to back off. I took his sparrow-boned arm and kissed the inside of his wrist. Copper beat underneath hot silk, and fire built under my skin as his powers drove into me, exacerbating my needs, my demands. A muffled noise put my heart on a race track. I pulled his hand behind my back while I slipped the other one along the line of his collar, peeling it away from his neck. He pressed into me, and I traced every line of his body in my mind. “Lunam?” his whisper cracked. At the very least, he could feel what else he was doing to my body now other than making my fangs drip.

Please don’t offer me what you don’t want to give.” I laid my forehead against his skin and let his power swamp me. I would think a Providentia could negate my Repercussion. It only made my Catalyst more powerful. It didn’t stop that edgy demand. “You’ve been put through enough, and I can’t hold on much more to this.” I let go of his hand. “Please. Get Tempestatis or Cortex for me.” I was at my wits end.

Fingers tunnelled through my hair, and my heart stopped. “You make me deal with the hard-on I get watching you eat off someone else and not helping me fix it again, I will personally pull your fangs out,” he hissed in my ear. That twist in his voice had me sinking my fangs into his artery. I pulled him against me, wrapping around him. Hard admission pressed against my thigh in response. I kneaded his back and lower as I slid down the wall, pulling him down to straddle me as I fed. The headache behind my orbits lessened as shape and colour returned.

“Boss?” Tempestatis’s voice broke into my high. I had been so gone to the sensation that I had not heard the door. “Sanctus, what are you doing?” His footsteps grew louder momentarily as he approached.

You’re growling,” Sanctus whispered in my ear, the catch in his voice driving shivers through my core. He shifted against me, and suddenly what little clothing was left between the two of us was a thing I loathed in all its entirety. Get rid of it! Not about to burn it, but man, it was tempting.

“Wait, Cortex!” Tempestatis’s voice told me someone else had come in. With great hesitancy, I swiped my tongue across the tears in Sanctus’s neck, my coagulant stopping the flow. I rested into his skin, breathing in his intoxicating smell. His warmth and weight was reassuring against my chest.

“You okay, Sanctus?” Cortex asked, now standing next to us. Sanctus nodded, his auburn hair brushing my cheek. His heart was hammering against me. Adrenaline added another note to his scent.

“I’m sorry. I- I shouldn’t have…” I apologized. He didn’t make a move to leave his spot like I expected. I was not going to complain, but it had to be awkward for him.

“Maria Mater and everyone else doing okay?” Sanctus asked, his voice low and husky. It dripped like honey on my skin. I wanted to float in it and let my brain drift off to the promised lands.

“They just arrived,” Tempestatis answered him.

“Clavis and Vestitor are clearing the basement and upper floors,” he tried to dismiss them.

The texture of my coat finally came into focus. Drops of red smudged the collar. I lifted my eyes to meet Cortex’s. He was staring at me in confusion. “You don’t…usually…eat like that, boss,” Cortex gulped. I keep it to the wrist with my crew. At arms length as they say. I’ll go after a neck on someone when I sneak up on them, but this compromising position was new to all of us.

“I don’t plan on making it a habit with anyone else,” I breathed into Sanctus’s neck, my grip tightening around him. My blood high was still more in control than my own brain. A shiver ran down his spine at my words, or maybe at my hold. I eased up, letting him sit back.

“Just Sanctus?” Tempestatis pressed.

“You okay, Sanctus?” I glanced at his eyes. That color. Every damn time. My fangs were back out and demanding I continue with what I was doing.

“Woah, woah, woah, boss. You went from green to black without burning. You’re not okay,” Cortex warned warily.

“Cortex,” Sanctus drew his attention. That was the first time I could remember him actually using my shield’s name. He rose off of me and I was left sitting in the sudden chill of separation. Cortex glanced between Sanctus and me with uncertainty. Sanctus took both Tempestatis and Cortex by the shoulder and turned them to the door. “If you are really worried, set your watch and come back here in one hour if we haven’t emerged. Otherwise, keep the rest out.” He pushed them through the door. They tripped back to look at him nervously, their eyes flicking between mine and his. He had taken command of the situation and upended all of their beliefs about his personality.

Tempest turned back, leaning over him, his fist to the frame in an effort to stall Sanctus closing the door. “Sanctus, you know he was just about to-”

“Who was on top, brother?” Sanctus hissed a reassurance as he shut the door on them and threw the bolt in the floor jam. He leaned against it, drawing in several deep breaths as his nerves sent his body shaking. “Damn it, if someone else comes through this door, I swear I’ll figure out how to incinerate them,” he muttered. This time my face burned with that admission and my body throbbed painfully. He walked back to me and sank into the cradle of my hips, his hand drawing up my hard length pressing painfully under my jeans. I’m usually not slow on the uptake, but my brain was taking its damn sweet time explaining exactly what Sanctus was doing to me.

Now. I have a question for you?” He rubbed against me suggestively. “Are you hungry or are you thirsty?” That caught me off guard. “‘Cause you know what I think?” He ducked down to ease his lips up my throat and along my jawline. My voice strangled in my throat. “I think you’re horny as fuck and not all that hungry at this point.” His lips were driving jackhammers in my skull.

Sanctus?” I swallowed.

What is it that you want, Lunam?” He slipped the top button of his coat. Soft skin beckoned like sirens to the ship.

Don’t call me that.” I nipped at his earlobe and ran my hand up under the coat to skim heat along his thigh and up his chest. His skin was soft beneath the pads of my fingers. He shivered as I traced his ribs.

“Boss. Nigrae Lunam. Leader? Master?” he tested. His humor seared with the heat of his breath, though the last one was an uneasy stutter.

Dmitri. My name is Dmitri, Jude,” I revealed.

He stilled his rubbing under that admission. His begging lines of desire becoming pliable under my hands. “I…wasn’t expecting you to tell me your secret.” He leaned back into my legs to look me in the eyes. “You’d give me your real name? Why?” He brushed at the heat in my cheeks.

Since the moment you said Lunam, I’ve wanted to hear my name on your tongue, to wring it out of you, to make you gasp it in my ear in the middle of the night. Fantasies have wrapped around my head, and my Repercussion got itself mixed into this,” I elaborated. “Let me take you back home. I’m steady enough right now, if I can keep my brain out of the gutter, to function and get my men out of here.”

So much for that hour I just bought you.” He leaned forward and kissed me. I softened to him, tasting him in a different way from my usual desire. His tongue danced against mine. Could we stay like this? I tasted copper momentarily. He had cut himself against my fangs. It took everything in me to set him to the side before my blood high took over again. “You all right?” I asked, trying hard not to meet his eyes. If I did, he’d be pinned to the floor, and I’d rather have this first somewhere a lot more familiar and private.

Got my lip.” He put a thumb to his mouth. I stole one last kiss before getting us out of that chamber.

Chapel Orahamm (C) 2022-2023. All Rights Reserved.

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