The Fire in My Blood: Ch 26 – Finally Chapter

NSFW – Erotica

The end of the hallway in the warehouse was too far and yet too close. In the shadowed alcove outside what was our now temporary housing, Sanctus pushed me to the wall, demanding a kiss. I obliged if only to feel his body against mine. The temperature was going up under my skin as I let him go. He smiled slyly and turned to our room. I engulfed him, reaching around to unlock the bolt. “Your eyes are going black,” he cautioned.

He waited until I was capable of letting go, his form pliant; mine – needy. I watched him slip past me into our darkened room. His fingers dragged across my stomach, catching on the waistband of my pants. He tugged me in with him. I closed the door and threw the lock. In the quiet dark, I pulled him to me, hugging him fiercely. “I love you, Jude,” I whispered in his ear as tension finally released from my shoulders. I had not realized how anxious I was for the bond-tie to go smoothly.

“You said some things back there,” he whispered, his hands running up under my shirt.

“I did some things back there,” I helped him pull the offending material off.

“Do more.” He pressed closer to me. Every hard line rubbed against me, and my breath came out hot as a pulse of electricity hit my digits like a steam hammer. I licked my lips and gently brushed his hair from his shoulder. “Why would you ever fall for a Vampire?” I chuckled as I crept a series of kisses down his ear and his throat. A strangled note hitched beneath my lips. I continued my perusal, pushing aside the lapels of his white shirt to continue along his collarbone. Buttons. Lord Hades, they were small, frustrating, and too many in number. Easing one shoulder off to reveal skin down to his navel was proving torturous to both of us. I pulled him up to his toe tips to sate my driving curiosity. He squirmed under my onslaught. I turned to the other shoulder, brushing the fabric down to his elbows. Frustrated, he pushed to have it gone. Setting him down, I helped him slip the fitted garment off, letting it pool around his feet.

“I fell for you before you were Vampire,” he swallowed that admission.

“Sounds like love at first sight, Jude.” I nibbled along his trap, amused with the texture and slim tensile strength built up over months of working leather and canvas. A shiver ran down his spine. He eased his fingers up my stomach to trace my chest and circle my neck, holding me to him, raising up on his toes to meet my height. His breathing was stuttering, and his heart tripped hard against my chest, but everything in his body screamed for me. I slipped my fingers down his sides to trace the line that would lead me to his length, only interrupted by the line of his pants.

“When you told your captain no. That’s when I knew I wanted to know you.” His words caught as I cupped him through the leather, drawing his attention to a single moment.

“I don’t remember anything after seeing you say ‘please’. Honest. But your eyes haunted me for years.” I feathered kisses along the line of his jaw. He bent to my ministrations. I forced him to arch as I pushed too many of his buttons, drawing a sharp note of need.

“Dmitri,” his voice cracked. Now that. That was almost enough to do me in there. I had waited to hear that one pitch for years. It shot straight through me from fangs to toes. I pulled my buckle and belt off, but fell short of getting everything else off when he settled a light hand on my fervent desires. I slowed to take my time until I could feel him slipping. “Got a preference?” I let go to run a hand up his side to pull him closer. Not sure if he shivered at the touch or the tone, but the mewl was cute.

“I enjoyed being on top the last time we got nowhere, but I’m good here too.” His admission was breathy, some of his syllables dropping out entirely. I eased off to let him come down off his rush. He pushed back against my chest as he worked through a formulation, his gaze sweeping the floor to my left. “I don’t-” He clammed up.

“Don’t what?” I loosened my grip on him, giving him the room he was asking for. He didn’t step away entirely, his heat still coating me, his colors shifting through my vision from pale freckles to purples and oranges. Soon he would be a walking star. I wanted to continue exploring, but he needed to tell me things. He needed for me not to coerce him.

“I don’t like penetration.” His voice was tight and small in the bubble we had formed.

“Either direction?” I asked softly. He shook his head, biting on his bottom lip. “Then we won’t.” I rubbed my thumb back and forth over his oblique in reassurance.

“But…I thought?” His power was rolling over me in waves, the type when he was terrified.

“Go on,” I encouraged, sitting on the floor to rest my back against the bed frame. Tugging his fingers, I pulled him straddle me. It was a position he enjoyed, so I would let him have it. His hand pushed into my chest while I kept quiet. The drowning quality of deep water swamped me where his hand rested over my heart.

“It’s not how I learned,” he admitted, unable to look me in the eyes.

“Who taught you, Jude?” My stomach pinched at the idea.

“The people Gemma – “

“That wasn’t love, or lovemaking, you know that right?” I interrupted that train of thought.

He ducked, a tremble running up his backbone. “I know. I’ve talked to Medicus about it. He’s said it too. It’s just. It’s hard to break away from what I’ve been taught are expectations and what I know are boundaries I can have.”

“What I want is for you to be happy and feel safe. Not everyone is into it. It’s not an expectation and never will be.” I rested my arms around his back loosely, letting him melt into my hold as I waited for him to be okay with himself.

“Are you? Into it, I mean.” He brushed a hand through my hair, tucking a strand behind my ear. His eyes were still rummaging through our room, my skin, my hair, everywhere other than my own eyes.

“I have participated in it, and found it enjoyable for myself. I am not you, though, Jude. If it’s not something you like giving or receiving, it’s not, and that’s perfectly reasonable, okay?” I held his hand to my chest over my heart.

He nodded once, though his eyes had yet to meet mine. “Am I broken?” he asked.

I shrugged and shook my head. “No. Honestly, you’re pretty normal. Not everyone likes it. This type of closeness is enough for some.”

He laid his head into my shoulder. His tidal waves eased against my skin, relenting to a soft wash against the shore. “He was right, you know.”

“Who?” I ran a hand down his back to squeeze his ribs reassuringly.

“Medicus.” He finally relented with a deep in-drawn breath and pulled back to sit up. Running a hand through his hair to push it out of his face, he smiled down at me, his eyes lighting like fireworks when they met mine.

“About what?” I skimmed his thighs to watch him come to life.

“You’re a good guy.” He leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose.

I pulled him down, pressing him to my chest as I demanded more than a peck. “That doesn’t make me a chaste angel. I hope you realize that.” I pursued him until his lips were swollen and his power resembled a waterfall.

“Let me up then, devil,” Sanctus teased. I really didn’t want to, but I relented. It was worth my sacrifice. His skin-tight leather fell away from slim legs, and I was a butterfly to a rosebush. He turned to make for the kitchen, but had gone no further than a step before I had him pinned, kneeling under me, while I kissed along his shoulder blades and backbone. I explored his chest, flicking a peaked nipple. He took my hand from my fixation and demanded I wrap around him to show me his speed, his pressure. I played with him, listened to every catch and sigh.

“You were aiming for the kitchen. Looking for something slick?” I growled, resting my head on his lower back, waiting for the throb running through me to settle for a minute. The kitchen and the oil there were a couple steps away, but I was too content with what I was doing to move.

“I was aiming for that before you pounced me, lion. I’m beginning to think you might have a fixation. You might want to let go,” Sanctus teased.

“Hades, I don’t want to.” I was enjoying nibbling just to feel him shiver. He shifted to roll over underneath me. Every damn time. Those cognac eyes. I leaned down and captured his mouth, tasting, dancing with his tongue before moving down his jaw. The line of his throat was alluring, and his eager arch of pressed desire clued me in on a spot to come back to. I kneaded his sides as I moved down his chest and stomach. He flexed under my teeth in surprise. “That tickles, and you’re really warm,” he whispered. It might tickle, but it was driving him crazy, and I wasn’t about to stop something that was making him this squirmy. A soft breath at his tip had him shaking. A light trace along the edge of it with my tongue, and his fingers were tunnelling in my hair. He pulled me up so I would look him in the eyes. “I’m way too close for you to be doing that,” he admitted.

“I’ve barely touched you,” I slowed down, admiring the flush that ran up his body.

“Barely? You’ve finally touched me, damn it!” he admitted, that flush darkening. I kept eye contact as I licked his full length once before relenting, shifting back up to straddle one of his legs, grinding my thigh gently against his weight as I returned to enjoying the softness of his lips. He couldn’t quite catch his breath, and I was more than content to keep him that way.

He moved restlessly beneath me, his fingers dancing magic down to free me from my confines. I pushed at my pants in impatient frustration, tumbling when I got wrapped up in one of the legs. He laughed triumphantly when he took top, and I found myself on the floor looking up at a siren.

He spread his delicate fingers across my chest and smiled, pleased with his momentary victory. Leaning fully into me until we were completely skin to skin, he swamped me in sage and rosemary. I was familiar with the sensation of his power across my hands, momentary glancing touches across small patches of skin as that of mirror-smooth water when he was calm, but to feel him so completely was to hold effervescent electricity to my heart. I clenched my jaw as stars ran beneath my skin, and his power seared through me. I could have gone up and been content to burn out like a comet. He wrapped his hand around our lengths, and I was left in a fantasy world as he pumped us experimentally.

“You’re enjoying yourself,” I bit out, trying to kidnap my breath as it evaded me.

“I was told at one point that I should try making one selfish wish once every day. Maybe it’s a cup of tea, or sleeping five minutes after sunrise. Maybe it’s putting on a clean shirt.” He leaned down until my whole world was that orange-pink colour. “Be my selfish wish tonight, Dmitri.” He kissed me, licking my bottom lip until I relented to his invasion.

I ran my hand up his thighs to trace the line of his butt, to run up to the small of his waist and position him closer to me. “You told me I must be a wizard once. How about a djinn? I’ll grant you a wish.” I smiled under his lips. He was turning me inside out. I thought I was supposed to be getting him flustered.

“Let me get that oil real quick, and I’ll come back to you making all my wishes come true.” He released me.

I looked up at him as he climbed off of me, still trying to get my breath back. “All?” my voice cracked. Traitor.

He regarded my pride under hooded eyes. “You’ve got enough there for all my fantasies and then some.”

Hades says what?

He came back with the bottle of olive oil I had been contemplating. That slickness down my shaft just about put me through the ceiling. I arched into his hand and closed my eyes to let my other senses take in that moment.

I let him take control and lay back to enjoy his slow dance, encouraging him along here and there just to watch him throw back his head in pleasure. He leaned down to trace my chest with his lips to take a momentary break before he had both of us up in flames. As it was, my skin was almost sizzling, and the temperature of the room was rising under his touch. “What’s your thoughts, Dmitri?” he nibbled along my peck. Who was this man? Where was this confidence coming from? I sure wasn’t going to complain, but I was going to need to lift a couple books off Scriba as a thank-you gift for Medicus.

“Thoughts?” I tried to ask, though his movement was diverting what little attention I had left.

“Put me under you, bite me, that whole bit about drawing your name out of me.” His eyes flashed with cunning.

He didn’t need to ask twice. A twist had him under me, his legs wrapped around my back. “Tell me when to stop,” I whispered, finally letting go of my inhibition and enjoyed my fangs sinking into the soft spot above his heart. My name sounded beautiful on his tongue. I drove against him, luxuriating in his flavour and mewling gasps. That waver in his fingers, the tightness of his legs against my back. I could live there forever, skin to skin, where fire and power met.

I’m not sure when he told me to stop, but it was just in time to watch him fall apart in my arms. A pulse, a push, and I was finding my own release against his heat. We both stared at each other, refusing to leave the shelter of our bodies as we drew in ragged breath after breath. “You alive?” I asked, finally withdrawing from his loosened grasp. I shuddered at the sudden cold, immediately wishing to return to what I could only call home now.

“Pull me down from the clouds in the morning.” Sanctus smiled as he closed his eyes to enjoy his afterglow. I left him to his momentary peace and went over to my clothing rack. I pulled a pair of dish rags off and brought one over for him while I cleaned myself off.  He startled at the contact of the cloth on his stomach as I wiped him down. 

“How’s it feel to be co-leader of Urbs Aquarum?” He took the rag from me to finish and let me get to myself.

I sat back on the bed while he laid on the floor for a few minutes longer. “Doesn’t quite feel real yet. You’d think three months after dismantling Rubrum, I’d have gotten my head wrapped around it?” I stared off into space and allowed that dawning realization to sink in.

“What that was felt pretty real.” Sanctus pulled himself off the floor and flopped down on my bed to rest his head on my thigh.

“You okay? No funny heartbeat after that?” I asked, motioning over my own skin where I had bit him.

“Gonna be a bit sore in the shoulders, but I’m good. Maybe a little dizzy.” He took my hand and set it on his hair. Him and having his hair brushed. He had developed a fondness for being a hair mannequin while I figured out techniques for Sam and Abby. Now it was more a habit than a learning experience. I leaned over and grabbed my bone comb off the foot locker at the end of the bed and took up his locks as he told me about his week. Some of it I could have assumed, but this ritual was what brought us home. It let him know he was safe, and it let me know he was safe in my arms. He was home. Even after having disbanded Aurantiaco and Rubrum, after placing new wardens to oversee the territories as expansion, I had stood on eggshells, refusing to allow Jude’s presence to be tangible, afraid he would disappear in the blink of an eye.

“You’re crying. Your stomach still hurt?” Sanctus rolled to look up at me. My tears must have dropped on him.

“Eh, flesh wound. It doesn’t hurt too much anymore.” A smile wobbled on my lips.

“What’s wrong?” He sat up, nervous.

“I was so scared for you, Jude. I didn’t think I’d see you again. I thought I’d be burying your body when I went in there. I still find myself waking up, thinking you’re gone.” I pulled him to straddle me, reassuring myself of his reality. He was warm and solid and there. His chest fell and rose with each breath. Sage and rosemary filled my lungs. His fingers drew along my arms reassuringly. I buried my face in his shoulder and held him, hiding my tears in his hair. He twisted, weaselling his hands under my arms to wrap around my back. Heart to heart, we stayed in each other’s company.

“I love you too, Dmitri. Thank you for staying by me and my messed up self,” he whispered.

“You are you. And I want you for you,” I whispered back. “Now. Can we talk about you being little spoon for once?”

Chapel Orahamm (C) 2022-2023. All Rights Reserved.

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