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Sorry if it looks like I’m not posting as frequently as I was. I had five books that were completely finished. Those ones went up first, and I didn’t want to waste time scheduling them out for months. I had done that on my previous site, and one of my readers who came back over to this site had already gone through that waiting, and I didn’t want to do that to them all over again. So, I just dumped a bunch of chapters all at once.

I do have Subgalaxia scheduled out. That one is a finished book, but it was one that hadn’t gone live yet before I switched websites, so I figured that one would be alright to schedule out.

The other books that are taking me longer to post are not done. Life of a Librarian, Firefly Fish, Skull Dansuer, The Feather on My Scale, To Be Guilded, The Warden’s Cabin – those ones I am still working on. I post whenever I can get a chapter done. Sorry about the inconsistency there.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I want to try to make those ones fit the 27-30 chapter rule of a standard book, or just take my time in developing a long-ranging webstory. Firefly Fish could do that pretty easily, and I want Skull Dansuer to be an epic in the same vein as Wheel of Time or Fellowship of the Ring – chunky, in-depth, a deeply built world. Warden’s Cabin and To Be Guilded are just supposed to be smut books, but I’m finding it hard not to actually get into world and character-building. I guess I prefer for my erotica scenes to be built on established relationships. It’s not like I can’t write short story erotica, but almost every time I’ve done that, it reads like the characters have known each other for years, rather than a one-night stand.

Do you have any opinions? Do you mind if some of the webstories just kinda sprawl, have arcs, go on for weeks with no serious rising and falling action to reach a drastic conclusion? I don’t know where I’m wanting Firefly Fish to go. I’m just exploring the concept of a merperson world; there is so much to explore.

Don’t forget, at the bottom of each chapter, I have a ko-fi button and Amazon wish list links if you’ve been coming along this journey and want to show a bit of support. I keep the stories free to read because I’m terrible at advertising, but I’d still love to know that you’re getting some enjoyment from the reading from maybe a nice comment or a trinket here and there?


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