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I’ve been having some medical issues that have been bothering me in the past few months. They’ve been around for a while, but it’s in that level where I’m done being irritated with it. So, a couple months ago I did the cheap version of a genetics test and got one of those 23 and me things. I know. I know, it doesn’t show all the genetic veriabilities, but it would narrow down a handful of things for me and make it so I could look in a possible direction.

Amazingly, I got my results back in time for my birthday. Not sure if most people would see this as a great birthday present, but I’ve been on pins and needs in anticipation of what it would say. Turns out, the genetics that are tested didn’t have the issues I was checking for. Means I’ll need a regular *expensive* test if I’m still worried.

I grew up being told that I was Polish on one side of my family and that I was Native American (Blackfoot) and Scottish on the other side.

Come to find out, there is no Native American ancestory in my DNA, only a touch of Eastern European where the Polish might be if the test gets more refined, and there is, in fact, Scottish in there.

Mainly I’m from London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh and some areas in Western England. Then a whole nice chunk of Irish – Dublin and Cork more than the rest. That covers the UK area. Next up is Normandy, Lower Saxony, Denmark and then “Broadly Northwestern European” and that little bit of “Eastern European”.

Looks like my family didn’t get out much and preferred colder, wetter regions.

In a funny way, I was holding my breath because of the stories I’ve written. I’ve never been to Europe, I’m just an American mutt, but I wanted for Eoin, Fane, Bernard, Fearchar, Seonaid, Nat, and Yeller – my connections to learning and studying Irish and Scottish culture and language to be a bit more connected to me than just a flight of fancy.

I hope that as the years go on, I find out more in that “broadly” category. I want to know if some of my family can be traced to the Picts. That one, to me, would be really cool to learn about. Maybe find out more about the Normans and Saxons. I feel like, in a way, that I hit those ‘stereotypical European’ markers for any 18th century English person. Looks like my family, for so many people having moved over to America over the years, really didn’t get out and explore other cultures. They kinda kept to themselves I guess.

Oh, also that I have the markers for a power athlete. I had been told by my cardiologist that I have a certain type of arythmia scene in elite athletes that is supposed to make exercise easier. So, I guess I should stop making excuses and go find myself a gym somewhere. It’d at least make my gen-prac happier to see me taking better care of myself.

Might *might* have a slight gluten intolerance, but dairy is supposed to be A-OK.

I think, for today, I’m going to go see if I can find an easy dessert to make from one of these places. I’ve never really explored much in regards to Denmark, Saxony, or Normandy. That might be interesting.

I’ll be getting back into writing soon. I’ve been doing physical therapy work on my wrist (had surgery on both carpel tunnel and de quarvaine back in July) by taking up drop-spinning wool and a bit of knitting. That’s been eating up a lot of my time. Not sure why it took me so long, but I realized I could listen to audio books while doing that and I’ve been enjoying that thoroughly.

Well, I’m off to go work on my Duolingo and Drops Irish some more. Mango and Duolingo have Scottish Gaelic, but Drops doesn’t sadly. I hope they get it soon.

Do you have any good recipes from these places? I’d be interested to hear about them.

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