English to Bai dictionary leather cover with gold words for fictional dictionary

Yes, this is a fictional dictionary for a fictional group of people. I’ve been meaning to work on the Glendweller’s language for a time, and that’s approaching quickly. I’ve been planning to write the backstories for the characters in Polaris Skies, and it will be essential for two of the books in Gods of Fire, seeing as Legend of the Bai and Gods of Fire are linked through them. So, again, fictional and a perpetual work in progress. Is it necessary? No. Will most readers find this useful. No. I’m doing it for my own personal amusement and it harms no one. If you feel like using it between friends/family, I will find that hilarious and endearing as long as it’s used for good.

The Grammar and Dictionary Website


  • S-V-O
  • counting words dependent upon item type
    • paper, books, scrolls, maps: prefix of kot-
    • containers for non-edible objects: prefix of hit-
    • containers for edible objects: prefix of wit-
    • edible objects: prefix of mit-
  • Adjective change of noun by degrees:
    • A little like: -pir
    • more or less like: kir
    • very like: – dir
  • Suffix (action of the verb): -pwir