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Author’s World Builder is the logbook I suggest for anyone and everyone looking to write a fiction book, especially my authors.

The logbook, which comes in over 13 different covers to keep track of all the WIPs includes space for main character development, calendar systems, astronomy, education, magic systems, transportation, timelines, kinship structures, and so much more!

Reviews for Author’s World Builder

These are a few of the reviews left on different covers of the Author’s World Builder Log Book:

Author’s World Builder is a notebook for fiction writers, and it’s exactly what the title suggests—a well-thought-out, detailed, even exhaustive resource to help writers build their fictional worlds from the ground up. I’ve worked with Orahamm on a couple of projects and can attest to the fact that he’s a talented writer and editor, and that’s evident of every page of this meticulously designed notebook. It’s made to be interactive, with plenty of lined pages for you to take notes and build your world one brick at a time.

Orahamm starts with the big questions—what’s your title, your main idea, your themes, primary audience, and genre? Then, over the course of more than a hundred pages, he helps you flesh out your characters, setting, plot—everything down to the smallest detail. Does your world contain magic? What sort of magic system is in play? What are the politics, education, economics, geography, and so much more. All the questions are here for you to answer, and as you do, your fictional world emerges fully formed.

Orahamm has created an essential tool for writers of fantasy and science fiction, but I would argue that it’s equally valuable for writers of most genres, from mysteries and horror to historical fiction, even family dramas. It’s the perfect way to keep track of your characters, all the little details that give a book depth.

As a writer, I’ve always been a pantser—I usually start writing with only a general idea of where I’m going to end up. I never outline. This notebook may change how I work.

Author’s World Builder is available now on Amazon. As an added bonus, Orahamm has created several different covers, to help you differentiate between your various WIPs. If you’re a writer, this is a must-have.

David on Amazon

This is a great tool for helping fine-tune details of your world from details about your characters to the overall color of your flora. It has sections on details a lot of people might overlook (such as bartering) as well as tools to help you create a custom calendar. There are graphs and charts to keep track of important dates and events and sections to help with pitches and queries. With several different covers, it’s easy to organize and track your way through multiple projects without losing a single detail. 10/10 recommend

Amanda on Amazon

Author’s World Builder is a must-have for anyone setting out to write a novel. It has prompts that consider everything from the flora and fauna of your world, to all types of questions about your protagonists and antagonists, to the astronomy of your world.

It will help you consider things you never would have before which will help you develop a rich world for your novel. For such a low price, you really can’t do any better. Having all this information written down in a novel sitting next to your computer as you work will make your life so much easier.

Sam on Amazon
A clipping of part of the Main Character page as an example of what you can anticipate.
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