Sample Copy Edit

A sample copy edit will help both the author and the editor:

  • See how much work a piece entails
  • Provide an estimate of how long it will take to finish an entire piece projected off of the time to finish the sample edit
  • Show the author the quality and type of work involved with the editor

For any author, it is advisable to reach out to multiple editors and have a sample of the piece edited. This will allow the author to find a person who best matches their needs and suits their working relationship.

This also provides the editor with the ability to work out if the author is a good fit for the service. Sometimes, what one editor provides, is not ultimately what a piece needs. That is a good time for the editor to put the author in touch with someone who may fit their needs better.

I do charge a flat, up-front rate of $30 for a sample edit of 1,000 words. This sample edit excludes Agent Packet Review materials.

This is to make sure that I have you scheduled appropriately.

It is also to avoid ‘working’ with individuals determined to farm out their full book edit under the guise of free edit samples.

I will request a section of the work, often coming in from a chapter not at the beginning of the manuscript where the author tends to focus most of their effort on personally editing, that way the author sees what I can truly do with a manuscript.

After the edit, if the author decides to hire me, I will apply the $30 fee to the total cost of the other services.

I do not provide a sample substantive edit. Substantive edits are large scale, involving rearranging paragraphs and possibly chapters, showing where areas need to be significantly expanded upon or deleted, and macro-level style and voice cleaning. This would not benefit from a 1,000 word sample edit.

The Legal Bit

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