A good editor makes a book readable. An excellent editor makes the author shine.

Now scheduling clients for December 2022 and all of 2023. Please Read The Terms and Conditions of Editing Services before contacting me.

Sample Edit

A flat rate of $30 for 1000 words. Please see HERE for details.


Writing comes in a wide variety of formats. It is no longer limited to the Academic Journal, the Newspaper, the Book, and the Biography. There are blogs, Youtube description content, webcomics, web-stories, and so much more. Every location that text exists is an opportunity for the author to show their work and an editor to help that author shine.

I provide both the copy and substance edit together as a single service.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Editing Services before contacting me.

Per Word$0.019
+ Flat Fee for Each Project$150

Agent Preparation Review

I will review query packet information authors send literary agents. These packets may include:

  • 1-2 Page Novel Synopsis
  • Query Letter
  • 15-30 page Novel Proposal
  • 50-75 page Non-Fiction Book Proposal
  • First 3 Sample Chapters

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Editing Services before contacting me.

Per Word$0.020
+ Flat Fee For Each Project$150

Preferred Formatting for working with the author:

  • Google Docs or Word
  • 12 Font
  • Garamond or Times New Roman
  • 1.15 Line Spacing
  • Remove before and after paragraph spacing
  • Indent first line in paragraph, remove tabs

Genres that I primarily, but not exclusively, work in:

  • Favorite Genres
    • Science Fiction, Slipstream, Bizarre, Weird
    • Fantasy, Fairytale, Folklore
    • Thriller, Suspense, Mystery
    • Action, Adventure
    • Romance
    • Fictional Anthologies
    • Comics, Webcomics
    • Manga, Manwha, Donghua post-translation
  • Academic Humanities
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • History
    • Art History
    • Gender Studies
    • English & Literature
    • etc.
  • Nonfiction Humanities
    • History
    • Biographies
    • Travel
    • Self-Help
    • Recipes
    • Etc.

Genres and Topics I Do Not Work In

  • Religion
  • Non-fiction Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Academic Science & Mathematics
  • Horror
  • Poetry
  • Musical Lyrics
  • Drama/Contemporary Literature
  • Significant PTSD, Abuse, Aggressive Erotica
  • Discriminatory materials inclusive of age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, ethnicity, race/color, sex.

The Legal Bit

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