Life of a Librarian: Ch 13

“You doing any better?” Sylwyn asked from the kitchen where he was putting away a couple bags of groceries. I was laid out on the couch, curled around a hot water bottle in a teddy bear cover, the blanket pulled up over my head so that all that peaked out was my nose. “Been better….

Life of a Librarian: Ch 12

Morning felt like it came too early.  Though the artificial sun indicated it was six, I still bemoaned the night going by too quickly.  My neck ached from not moving.  I had been tired.  After my lashing out from the day before, I was guaranteed to be exhausted.  The shower did little to ease the…

Director’s Cut: Life of a Librarian

So, Life of a Librarian is a rewrite. I had the first 14 chapters done when I finally started listening to my characters rather than bulldozing them. I wrote a couple pages separate from the script when I let them finally talk. It helped me get a feel for the characters that otherwise were flat….

Life of a Librarian: Ch 10

“A little Simil for a big Simil?” I posited to the Mad Hatter. “Benefit the system, and the system benefits you.” He plucked at a grape.  It slipped past his fork to roll to the other side of his plate. Baffled disappointment creased his features. “What can I do for the Chair, and what can…

Life of a Librarian: Ch 3

“You read ahead before you read aloud; that is my understanding, yes?” the main judge asked.  I gulped.  How is one supposed to concentrate on a conversation with a sword trained on their heart? “You might want to answer the question,” the man named Simil smiled down at me, all the while pressing the tip…

Life of a Librarian: Ch 2

Trigger Warning – Dead Naming It was cold in the room, but I could already feel the pits in my shirt growing moist.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  Not really how I planned my day, but hey, when you want a job, it’ll suck for the first few days.   I knew, just by dragging out all of…

Life of a Librarian: Ch 1

Thaddeus Jaeger just wants a job. The Librarian’s Guild wants an assassin. Genre: adult, fantasy, romance Well. The artwork was beautiful. I’ll give the bored underclassmen that. The fact I had smeared it all over my hands, my papers, and my sleeves before discovering someone had drawn all over the desk made me less forgiving….