The Fire in My Blood

A continuation of Legend of the Bai, here’s what happened after Subgalaxia set down.

A few millennia into the future, on a different planet, in ageing biodomes, the human race grapples with a new threat or maybe a new gift – humans with fire in their blood. Nigrae Lunam, ex-soldier and current co-leader for the Caeruleum gang, finds himself ensnared in a firefight when he rescues a pair of children, Sam and Abby, from the Aurantiaco gang, and a man with cognac-coloured eyes, Sanctus, from the Rubrum gang. This would be an average day, save for the fact Sanctus is a rare Providentia, a person who can boost a fire user’s powers tenfold. A priceless, coveted treasure in the city of Urbs Aquarum. As Lunam shows the man and children what it means to be safe, he develops a fondness for Sanctus that he swears he will never reveal. When Sam and Abby are threatened, and Sanctus is kidnapped, Lunam must face the responsibility of taking over another gang’s territory, his true feelings for Sanctus, and the chance it all blows apart in a fiery inferno.

Genre: Slipstream, sci-fi, romance, lgbt, adult, spice