To Be Gilded

In a kingdom of guilds and companies, a Jeweler finds himself between a rock and a hard place. His fellow guild leaders are becoming nervous of his ever-persistent energy to please the queen and would rather he divert some of his attentions elsewhere. The issue – he has no interest in the beaus and belles of seasons past – wishing rather to keep from dividing the guilds through partisanship unwittingly.

In a country of nobility, what is a guildman to do to evade a political trap? Find oneself at the door of the luxurious Universite de Treasure de Deux to become a Patron to a Designer. Deryk finds himself in front of these very doors to meet a glassmith, Albrecht, to keep the peace of the guilds. But what Albrecht shows him is more than just skill, and Deryk is about to fall hard for a man he believes to be a genius of his craft.