red head man with green jacket. Chapel Orahamm.


I’m an author and illustrator who enjoys writing slipstream romance – i.e. I don’t care much for genre; I just write what seems to work for my characters.

I do enjoy line and substantive editing. I had a business in it for about a year before the social media site I was using to gain clients tanked because of a billionaire throwing a temper tantrum.

Now, I’m focusing on learning what it is to not be an anxious mess and returning to the hobbies that I enjoy rather than trying to constantly use the things that make me happy to make me money. So, here is where I am happy putting my stories. They aren’t edited to perfection, but that’s the benefit of putting my stories on a blog rather than physically publishing – I can go in and tweak every time I spot something wrong.

Extra things to know: I’ve been a practising minimalist for about six years now. I also do photography outside of illustrating. I used to be an avid reader and am trying to return to reading more. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on East Asian Art and East Asian History with a minor in sociology. That happened because I love anime and manga, though I’ve developed a taste for manwha in the last couple years. I’m verified neurodivergent and part of the lgbtq+ community. I’m a pagan who was raised deeply Christian and tend to resonate with Cernunnos, Tehuti, and Silvanus. Lastly, I try desperately to manage a 4.5 acre homestead built on clay soil (i.e. my garden is still complete crap, but the flock is happy enough).

This is for a list of spare pages that don’t make a lot of sense to the main theme of this webstory blog but somewhere that I wanted to document materials anyways.


As it’s titled, this is a page of the various youtube playlists that I listen to while writing my stories.

What Am I Reading?

I have a Goodreads that keeps track of some of what I’m reading, but I rather like having a one-stop location for what I’m up to. I’m not fond of leaving reviews because it makes me overly critical, and that just leads to feelings that I don’t need in my life. Sometimes people just want to know what is influencing an author and some like to judge authors who don’t read, so, here’s my list.