A Meeting

A short story where a handful of the author’s main characters get together at a coffee shop.

Skull Dansuer: Ch 4

Reassembled and significantly more comfortable with my particular predicament in life, I lost myself in the strangeness of the forest before Rowan came back to find out why I was whirling around in the undergrowth. Manders were not the only unusual creatures I ran into in the woods. Eyes blinked and glowed through the various…

Skull Dansuer: Ch 3

“That witch was sure as hell tripped out on something. Are you sure you want to go along with a twenty-plus-year-old prophecy that was probably just the delusional ravings of a mushroom-hopped senile old lady?” I settled back into our nest of crates in the dungeon-like room. “Then again. Don’t want to ruin a good…

Skull Dansuer: Ch 2

“You’re not joking. You’re seriously going to just leave me here?” I hissed between my teeth. Rowan and I stood in front of a pair of imposing doors. Laughter and the timbre of feet and music scratched along my nerve endings. “Priscilla hates my guts. Hate’s Quimer. Hate’s everything that isn’t flashy. She only barely…

Skull Dansuer: Ch 1

A sickly dark mage swaps bodies with a NYC ballet dancer to prolongue his life. The dancer though has strong opinions and a bit of a necromantic bend on his philosophy in life now that he’s been isekai-ed into a fantasy world. Doesn’t help that he’s falling in love with the dark mage’s step brother….