A Meeting

A short story where a handful of the author’s main characters get together at a coffee shop.

Galaxy Skin – Short

You’re staring off into space again. “I’m bored. That’s all.” The city was grey. The rain was grey. The dust mixing with the water was sludgy on the window sill. A pigeon hunkered down in its nest regarded me with displeasure. Bored? The great and mighty Yezer? Bored! Surely not. “It happens. It’s wet, and…

The Next Tower

I drag piercing, ragged air into my lungs, fingers slipping on ice-crusted granite. The burn sinks behind my ribs, leaving me reaching for the next foothold in hopes of escaping the whiteout. A crack of twigs turns me to my partner. He’d slipped against the trail, one hand desperately clutching at a pine tree limb….

Kiss: A Short Story

An excerpt from the anthology: Beneath the Twin Suns Embers and ash. Wild night creatures murmured at the door. Venerable Brother Hacnor took the last of his ruby mantle from the sky, dusting the horizon in amethyst and onyx swaths.  Esteemed Brother Armad preceded him beyond the boundary of the known to call the stars…